Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Radical.

Mainstream media coverage of the ongoing struggle to defend public education has been miserable. Even our own “student-run” papers ignore the efforts made by students to resist. This is yet another manifestation of student exclusion, as only recognized events and organizations seem to make it into the press…

While we should be angry, we should also be critical. It’s no surprise the institution can’t think beyond institutional means. The collective expression of frustration, and the organic, re-definition of community which took place on March 4th, doesn’t make sense to people who think within the narrow framework of organized forums and scheduled discussion.

That being said, ABC News has contacted ASU Resist requesting statements from students. The value of talking with mainstream media is debatable. Your message may be co-opted, edited, or erased.  However, the opportunity to speak and the decision to speak through them is yours. This is one more avenue to raise the level of awareness about the institutional violence against students.

If you would like to share your story with the news – or if you just want to rant – please e-mail:

and contact info will be relayed.

Students Unite!


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March 4th Update

Our student and community mobilization continues beyond the National Day of Action to Protect education. The reality of the circumstances in which we find ourselves is that the struggle exists beyond a day of action. A collective of concerned students and community members seek to continue pushing the envelope so long that the knowledge factory fails to realistically address the needs of the student body and community. The scope of the problem of proposed tuition hikes and surcharges is one of the many problems attributed by a continuous drive to implement President Crow’s “New American University”. The concept of this “New American University” is the ideological approach to establish a research based institution that can produce marketable technology creating a learning environment that condemns other fields of learning/knowledge as not socially warranted. Therefore we see the marginalization, devaluation, minimal access to resources, and diminishing quality of fields not deemed socially warranted in the vision of the “The New American University”. March 4th was a stepping stone in radically addressing these issues and the dissent will continue to speak out.

March 4th: Enough is Enough, Take ASU Back

Day of Action commenced at Fulton STUDENT Center on North Campus @ Noon

Students gather at Fulton STUDENT Center @ Noon

We Stand with the brothers and sisters at UCSD! End the Racism!

Circa 12:45 students mobilize to march through campus to the center of campus and proceed to occupy Memorial Union

ASU students protesting in Memorial Union

One of the dozen ASU PD and Tempe PD officers present at action

Circa 1 pm: Students return back to Fulton STUDENT Center and proceed to occupy President’s office. Staff in building went on lock down as students occupied. Upon arriving to President’s office students approached by administration but students and community members proceed to voice their concerns and occupy lobby in President’s office. Occupation ended circa 2pm with a List of Demands compiled by ALL students and community members present.



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Today’s the Day!

Looks like dissent got up early this morning. On your way to the forum, check out banners on COOR and Life Sciences. Way to get crafty, ASU.

And for anyone not sure if they should come out: Do it!

No one else is going to stand up for you. Your representatives have sold you out. Your interests are not their interests.

Got homework? Bring it. We are students, first and foremost. And unlike the administration, we recognize this fact and encourage you to keep up your grades as you keep up the struggle.

Not sure what to bring? Here are some ideas: Friends! Banners, Signs, Flyers, Words, Ideas, Instruments, Boom Boxes – Anything and Everything you need to make yourself known.

Up the Students!


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Communique posted at the ASU West Campus for March Fo(u)rth!

On March‭ ‬4th,‭ ‬California schools will begin a statewide occupation of universities in order to‭ “‬resist the neoliberal destruction of public education in California and beyond‭”‬ This is a call to join them.‭

We are AFAW, a group of students,‭ ‬ex-students,‭ ‬would be students,‬teachers,‭ ‬learners,‭ ‬dreamers,‭ ‬readers,‭ ‬writers,‭ ‬lovers,friends,‭ ‬human beings…We are fed up,‭ ‬We are fucking pissed. We are here,‭ ‬We are ready,‭ ‬We are awake,‭ ‬We are making a call to all students, faculty, workers, and visitors‭ ‬on this campus to take actions in whatever way you may see fit to show solidarity with California campuses,‭ ‬and to shatter the glass walled prison you are in that they like to call a school.

Something Burns Something Grows.

For too long have we allowed the University to operate under the guise of providing us with an education,‭ ‬while in reality it‭’‬s only function is as a factory which produces workers to support the colonialist capitalist system.‭ ‬They ensure that we will enter into the workforce by continuously raising the cost of education to the point where it takes years for most students to pay off the debt they aquire while in school. ‭ ‬Don‭’‬t be fooled into thinking your University is anything other than a corporation that does not work for you,‭ ‬they only work‭ ‬to control and use you.‭ ‬The concept of attending school for any other ends than to find a job and attain higher income,‭ ‬has become an impossibility.‭ ‬What is allowed to be taught,‭ ‬the way our classes are structured,‭ ‬the food that is served to us,‭ ‬the books that are made available to us‭; ‬are all dictated by the corporate‭ & ‬state entities that control our Universities.‭ Even this pathetic attempt at providing substantive education is only made fully available to the ‬privileged sectors of our population. ‭ We are acknowledging that until the control of education is taken out of the hands which currently cradle it, nothing can change. We do not want to negotiate, that time is past. Relinquish your hold on our education, and we are assured that that we can create a new form of education free from your hierarchy, patriarchy, and inherently racist classism. ‬Below is a list of a few ways we feel we can begin to make the statement to those who are currently in control that:‭ ‬WE DON‭’‬T WANT YOUR FUCKING JOBS,‭ ‬WE DON‭’‬T WANT YOUR FUCKING CENSORED AND DULLED EDUCATION,‭ ‬WE ARE TAKING OUR SCHOOLS BACK,‭ ‬WE WILL NOT FUCKING COMPROMISE.‭

“Occupation means to take a certain space away from the influence of the existing powers,‭ ‬who have little choice but to use police force to reassert their control.‭ ‬As long as a space is occupied,‭ ‬the people inside have at least the chance to define what’s happening in‭ ‬it.‭”‬ -A Collection of Written Insurrections from Vienna

Occupy Occupy Occupy‭!! ‬Dance in the classrooms‭! ‬Keep the library open all night‭! ‬Start a food fight‭! ‬Make barricades to keep the fun inside and the oppressors out‭!

Have a FUCKING PARTY to CELEBRATE the start of something beautiful and free,‭ ‬CELEBRATE breaking away from all that attempts to blind and oppress us,‭ ‬CELEBRATE the destruction of the lifeless beast that holds our education captive and the creation of a‭ ‬space to share knowledge that cannot be penetrated by capitalist colonizers‭!!!

Render the visible corporate presences‭ (‬Starbucks,‭ ‬Aramark,‭ ‬Fast Food,‭ ‬etc.‭) ‬on our campus inoperable in whatever way possible‭ (‬a rock and a can of paint can go a long way‭!!‬) We are individuals trying to learn,‭ ‬not a target group to market products to‭! ‬Damage to property only is violent to the corporate system.‭ ‬A window,‭ ‬a wall,‭ ‬a cash register does not have a heartbeat.

Make banners expressing yourself and hang them from every building‭! ‬Make the walls our canvases‭! ‬We do not attend a white walled prison,‭ ‬this is OUR SCHOOL,‭ ‬OUR SPACE‭!

Refuse to give another cent to the monster,‭ ‬encourage others to do the same‭! ‬If they won‭’‬t teach us for free, WE CAN TEACH OURSELVES‭ ‬AND EACHOTHER‭!

Make music ring through the halls‭! ‬Yell to make your voices heard‭! ‬Wake yourself up‭! ‬Wake up everyone who has been lulled to sleep by the warm poison milk of capitalism‭!! ‬Cause a break,‭ ‬a fracture,‭ ‬a disruption‭!


They will try and stop us.‭ ‬They will threaten us with‭ ‬violence,‭ ‬with‭ ‬prison,‭ ‬with‭ ‬expulsion.‭ ‬We will‭ ‬fight back,‭ ‬we will riot in the jails,‭ ‬we will render their academic threats useless by taking away their power.

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March Fo(u)rth! Banner drops on ASU Main Campus! ASU students take a stand against tuition hikes!

Banner drop #1 at the W.P. Carey School of Business BAC Building circa 12:35pm on south campus.

Banner  #2 dropped on the north side of the Memorial Union circa 12:35 pm in central campus.

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The Scope of the Problem

The Student Forum, which will take place at Tempe campus on March 4th, will be occurring at the same time as students take action across the country. The problems of increasing tuition, decreasing accountability, and privatization are confronting students everywhere.

As Sun Devils, we will do our part to make sure that public education remains affordable, that all students have a say in the decision-making process, that the quality of our education isn’t compromised by corporate interests, and that learning remains the fundamental purpose of ASU.

The problem isn’t just financial. Racism, sexism, and economic exclusion remain embedded in our school’s institutions.

At what point will we say enough is enough?

Students in California and New York will be shutting down their campuses, bringing nationwide attention to these problems and the dire situation that higher learning is facing. What will you do?

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How much longer can students at ASU handle tuition hikes and the devaluation of our education?

Copy Image, Save As, Print, Make Copies, Distribute, Post, Dialogue, Mobilize.

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